Effortless and secure guest check-in

No extra work for your staff
Secure storage and access
Contactless process
Super easy set-up

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“Not only is it clearly more professional, but the teams are finding it’s helping reduce queue time and customers are able to go straight to their tables, minimising contact. Great news!”

Head of Health, Food & Fire Safety
Lisa Cobb

Scan and register

Customer scans a QR code specific to your venue and registers their details. First Name, Last Name and Mobile are mandatory, email is optional as is Opt-In.

Register guests and re-entry

A customer can register other people in their party. If they return to the venue within 21 days, they can simply scan and check-in.

Confirmation and reporting

An SMS can be sent to the customer on check-in which could include a link out to your Pay at Table app or a more detailed registration.

Set up trck.to for your business

All prices shown are per location.
Select the sign up button relevant for your number of locations.
1 location


one-off payment

2 to 10 locations


for set-up & 30 days
After 30 days,
£5 per month
11 to 30 locations


for set-up & 30 days
After 30 days,
£4 per month
31+ locations


for set-up & 30 days
After 30 days,
£3 per month
100+ locations

Let's chat

Following the initial 30-day period we will raise an invoice quarterly in advance.
Optional: The reply SMS are 5p each and can be purchased in blocks of 1000 (£50).
Please note that registered charities will not be charged a recurring fee.


Who's behind trck.to?

Airship, the leading CRM provider for the hospitality industry, responded to the global health crisis by building an essential tool that enables operators  to keep their customers and staff feeling safe.

How much does it cost?

From £30 per location for set up and 30 days usage, with monthly costs from £3 a month beyond that. Check out the pricing table above for more details.

How do I access the data?

A simple report is available that allows you to search customers by date and time.

How long does it take to get set up?

We can have you live on the platform within 48 hours.

Can I use the data for marketing?

We’ve included an opt-in specifically so that the customer can request to sign-up with you under GDPR. If you want to use this through Airship then we are more than happy to take you through our platform.

How do I get going?

It’s simple – sign up above, selecting the plan relevant for your number of location, and we’ll contact you to get finish the set up.

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